Hint: engaged employees tend to have a sense that the company is doing something of value for customers, and they’ll feel empowered to make things even better.

Investing in your organization’s wellbeing calls for an honest assessment of your company’s principles and philosophy. And it’s effort well spent – especially when nearly every survey finds that more than one-third of workers would pass on the perfect job if the culture wasn’t a good match for them. Similarly, over 90 percent of managers typically report that a candidate’s fit with the organization is equal to or more important than their skills and experience. As you analyze your own company culture, you’re likely wondering if your team has cultivated a positive or negative experience for your employees. If your company has difficulty attracting top talent or exhibits low employee morale, these could be signs that your workplace culture needs improvement. The secret to creating a positive work culture isn’t simply about workplace happy hours and catered Friday lunches. Real culture is rooted in an employee feeling recognized and valued. That’s what informs their actions, and those actions lead to results. A survey from the American Psychological Association (APA) found that over 90 percent of employees who feel valued at work say they’re more motivated to do their best. That drops to just 33 percent among employees who don’t feel valued by their employers. Rewarding and recognizing employees’ efforts lays the groundwork for a positive workplace culture. The more employees see this type of behavior, the more valued and connected to the organization’s goals they’ll feel.

PowerPlay can help you set your organization apart with engaged employees who feel recognized and appreciated – which ensures retention, optimal performance, and increased productivity.