Energize. Incentivize. Recognize.

Inspiring people to move beyond possible.

We deliver powerful solutions that create long-term value, loyalty and growth.

Cultivate & Reward

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Some say the journey to achieving a goal is the reward; we think otherwise.

The power of any organization rests with its people and their drive to be a part of its success. That’s how we see it, and that’s our purpose.

Positive reinforcement and a reason to succeed truly motivate people.

There’s a purpose in designing incentive and recognition programs. A purpose that motivates employees and inspires elevated performance that delivers results. We create that purpose with your company’s results in mind.

a foundation to build on

There’s a wide world of options for you when is comes to energizing, incentivizing and recognizing your employees and partner sales channels.  No one is more committed in delivering the best-in-class service and high-impact programs than PowerPlay.  It’s rooted in Our Mission,  Our Goals and Our Core Values. Let us show what 20 years of experience can do for you.

“We start by doing a deep dive into your business during the DISCOVER phase. This allows us to DESIGN and DELIVER relevant programs that align with your company culture, brand standards and sales objectives.

There is no better feeling than witnessing or hearing the stories about winners celebrating their accomplishments.

At PowerPlay, we understand what it takes to achieve success.”

jay fox – ceo

What our customers have to say?

“Highly professional with particular attention to detail in all aspects of contract. Go above and beyond to make sure requests (last minute or not) are handled and resolved. Extremely organized.”
“PowerPlay provides great programs that help drive our business. The staff is always helpful in the planning process and is wonderful on site.”
“Very responsive and great customer service when I was out of the country and changes needed to be made to the schedule.”
“The attention to detail is best in class and the people they use while on site are amazing.”
“Planning and staffing personnel are thorough, professional and cordial with our company and our guests. They are very proactive in finding ways to anticipate our needs.”
“Programs are always complimented on from customers as some of the best trips in the industry. No detail is left unturned and service is amazing.”
“They continuously go above and beyond. Communication with them is phenomenal.”

Destinations & Events

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Travel awards, whether near or far, deliver inspiration and experiences of a lifetime.

Whether a performance-driven incentive destination that leaves a lasting impression, or a transformational experience that connects with you emotionally and physically, we can tailor the ultimate travel package for you.

Sporting event experiences that move you to your very core.

Nothing can fully prepare you for the earth-shaking, crowd-roaring, awe-inspiring beauty of an iconic event. But we’ll try.

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Meetings & Conferences

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Meetings and conferences that are more than meetings and conferences.

Whether they are national, regional or local, meetings and conferences bring people together for a common purpose. Our team works to ensure that your meetings and conferences deliver lasting impact and efficiencies.

It’s where motivation takes hold and the wheels of the plan begin to turn.

Whether it’s for a one-day or multi-day event, our Meeting and Conference Services team is available to assist every step of the way, from conception to implementation.

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