From large-scale and smaller events to rewards, meetings, and conferences, we deliver solutions to the Power of long-term value, loyalty, and growth.


We operate on a very simple belief that the fundamental underpinning of every successful relationship is trust. We work hard to earn it by focusing on your needs and your opportunities. Not ours.

Energize, incentivize, and recognize your team

We use our experience and know-how to design exceptional strategies that energize, incentivize, and recognize your team.

Engagement Drives Action. Results are the Evidence.

The Power of Proof:

A culture of positive reinforcement creates more productive employees. They buy-in, feel greater pride, yield better results, and desire to see the company succeed. Imagine the value to your company if productivity increased by 2%, 8%, 10%, 20% . . . year over year.

Increase productivity up to 20%

2% 8% 10% 20%

Now you can. Because your key stakeholders can.

Let's Talk!

You'll be surprised at how well we listen.

The Art and Science of Designing Incentive and Recognition Programs

The Power of Creative:

For over 20 years we’ve been perfecting PowerPlay’s winning formula for engaging, energizing, incentivizing, and properly recognizing employees, sales team, and channel partners.


“It’s partners like PowerPlay that have contributed to the success of who we are today.”

Pete Coors
Chairman, Molson Coors Brewing Company

“You’re guaranteed a first-class experience, anytime PowerPlay is involved. I would definitely recommend them to execute any of our business partners’ programs or events.”

Don Faust, Jr.
Faust Distributing

“I’ve attended hundreds of supplier events. PowerPlay’s attention to detail, creativity, and management team exceed my expectations every time.”

John Taylor
JJ Taylor Distributing

“The PowerPlay incentive trip to the One & Only Palmilla was the finest supplier event that my wife and I have attended in 30 years!”

Wayne Chaplan
CEO, Southern Wine and Spirits

Large-Scale Sales Events – Large-Scale Results

The Power of Wow: When it comes to big, you need more than just a good management team. That’s why companies choose PowerPlay’s decades of large-scale dealer and distributor meeting experience. We wrote the playbook on it. And we always put those earned insights to work for you – from planning and strategy to creative design and messaging – we ensure your Attendees arrive in anticipation and leave with the self-assurance to go out and win for you again.


Why Go To A Meeting When You Can Attend An Experience?

From 50 to 5,000, whether they are national, regional, or local, meetings and conferences are held to engage, entertain, inspire, and motivate. We make sure they do – with lasting impact and changed behaviors.
From one-day conferences and award shows to week-long mega events, our Meeting and Conference Services team makes it happen by assisting you from conception to implementation – every step of the way.

PowerPlay Plus™ PlatfoRM

A new generation of workers demands a reimagined and additional level of engagement.

PowerPlay Plus™ is our proven, scalable, and flexible online rewards platform specifically designed to increase productivity through rewarding and recognizing outstanding performance. A company’s intangible human capital and culture assets are now estimated to comprise 52% of a company’s market value. Now you can easily shape employee behaviors through an innovative digital points-reward program.


Achieve Bigger Goals. Earn Big Awards.

Flexible redemption
Over 5,000 awards
Customized & Branded website
Concierge Services
Secure Single Sign-On
Culture of Appreciation
Incentive Travel & Experiences

Destinations Near and Far Are Really Journeys to Inspiration

The Power of Travel: Tailored performance-driven incentive trips leave more than a lasting impression. They have the power to connect with your stakeholders on an emotional and personal level – both of which are drivers to long-term engagement and performance.

Incentive Travel & Experiences

Sporting Event & Concert Experiences Move the Heart and Soul

The Power of Experiences: Nothing can fully prepare you for the earth-shaking, crowd-roaring, awe-inspiring transcendence of an iconic live event. What can’t be measured in goosebumps can at least be measured in productivity, profitability, and loyalty.