When employees are properly supported with a culture of positive reinforcement, they are much more productive. They feel greater pride, yield better results within less time and have an overall desire to see the company succeed. What would the value be to your company if productivity increased by 2%, 8%, 10%, 20% or even 100% year over year?


Employees have more flexibility than ever when it comes to career options. Building loyalty is a must within companies that want to not only attract but also retain top-performing employees. What would the cost savings be if your company reduced attrition by 10%, 20% or even 50% year over year?


Growth is the ultimate goal! Growth requires forging new relationships and strengthening existing ones. We design and implement the optimal strategies to jump-start and build powerful key relationships relevant to growing your business. Our programs’ success frequently gives our clients a competitive advantage throughout the sales process.

the origin of powerplay

Being in the family business of mortgage banking since I was 16 years old, I dreamt of building a national brand mortgage lending company. While at George Mason University, like most students, I explored other endeavors such as pre-med and psychology, and eventually ended up with a degree in Economics. James M. Buchanan, the American Economist and winner of the 1986 Nobel Memorial Prize in Economics, and his team of professors had just started at GMU my first year. I took my first class on Public Choice theory my third year and was fascinated by the analysis of human verbal and behavioral patterns combined with the financial analysis to predict political races. I had no interest in politics. It was the study of what motivated people to act, positively or negatively, that captured my interest.

After graduation, I rolled right back into the family business. Entrepreneurship, mortgage banking and playing sports were the full scope of my worldly focus. Fox Mortgage Associates was thriving! However, after a few years, it was evident that I was not long for the mortgage banking business.

In 1993, I was unexpectedly introduced to an intriguing young woman, who happened to be wearing a white light-weight jacket with an ever so recognizable trademark. Being a golf fanatic, I was instantly curious as to how she came to be wearing such a prized possession. “Did you attend the tournament?”, I asked. She said, “Yes, we just got back last week.” Shocked and with a hint of disbelief, I asked, “How in the world did you get tickets to The Masters?” “I’m in the ticket and hospitality business.”, she replied.

Dee Dee and I hit it off immediately and were engaged within three weeks. That’s right, only three weeks! One year later, we were married. When you know, you know.

Two years later (1995), I exited the mortgage banking business and co-founded a sporting event focused hospitality and event management business. The thrill of designing programs and seeing customers experience the Super Bowl, Masters, Final Four and other iconic events for the first time was deeply rewarding! The better experience our customers had, the more rewarding it was for our entire team.

Our reputation and valued customer relationships eventually lead to requests to manage incentive employee recognition, sales channel and incentive travel programs. In 2001, after selling my first event company to my partner in 1999, I founded PowerPlay, a full-service meeting, incentive and event company.

By Jay Fox, Founder

why we do what we do

Designing and planning meetings, incentives and events is deeply fulfilling and rewarding work. Our team’s goal is to provide a customer experience that will make each attendee stretch beyond their normal to win. When the program goals and objectives are paired with the appropriate caliber award, participants will go to extraordinary lengths to win!

Hearing the stories of how the participants became resourceful, creative and bold to achieve the extra mile goal for their company, validates our success. Witnessing attendees or participants having an unforgettable experience they will share with family, friends and colleagues for years to come is simply awesome! We meet with past participants that experienced a program 20 years ago and they are still telling the details about the time when…

It is our team’s passion, purpose and privilege to discover what creates that inspirational spark within your target audience.

Jay Fox
Our Team

Jay Fox - CEO & President

Jay Fox is an incentive marketing and hospitality entrepreneur, with over 28 years of professional experience. After developing and managing other successful finance and event companies, Jay is able to lend his diverse experience to all areas of meeting, incentive travel, merchandise, and sporting event realms. Building PowerPlay based on well-developed relationships throughout the incentive and hospitality industry, PowerPlay provides a distinct advantage throughout program design, administration, and fulfillment. No detail is too small.

Scott Richards
Our Team

Scott Richards - Vice President, business development and marketing

A seasoned veteran and leader in field marketing and sales support, Scott has 30+ years of experience in innovative, profit-oriented, integrated marketing methodologies. He focused his entire career on implementing programs to help build brands from companies such as MillerCoors and Pepsi-Cola on a local/regional level and is respected as a dynamic team leader and creative solutions provider.

Jamie King
Our Team

Jamie King - Vice President of Program Operations

Jamie King is the Vice President of Program Operations for PowerPlay and brings to the organization more than twenty years of hospitality industry experience. Jamie is a skilled and detail-oriented event and meeting planner whose clients benefit from her well-rounded background which include both client and hotel industry experience. This combination gives Jamie invaluable insight into the delicate inter-workings of the meeting planner/hotel executive relationship. In her current position, Jamie is charged with overseeing all aspects of event operations such as planning, staff management, air travel, site inspections, client relations and other travel award fulfillment needs.

Angie Garrison
Our Team

Angie Garrison - Manager of Finance and Operations

Angie Garrison joined PowerPlay in 2015. With over 25 years of combined experience between the finance and hospitality industry, Angie is instrumental in ensuring the office workflow, support of the project team leaders and accounting operate flawlessly and efficiently. Angie recognizes and appreciates that the customers are our most valuable asset and assists in making sure that the possibilities remain limitless when it comes to providing outstanding customer service.

Mike Thome
Our Team

Mike Thome - Vice President of Commercial Operations

Mike Thome Joins PowerPlay Corp as Vice President of Commercial Operations.
Mike Thome is a 20+ year veteran of the beer, wine, and spirits industry. His commitment to sales growth and creative solutions has driven his career on an escalating path from distributor sales rep to supplier region manager to national account manager to director of sales operations to route-to-market excellence. Mike understands the challenges and triumphs of the alcohol-beverage 3-tier system and truly understands what drives salespeople to succeed. After having managed dozens of local, regional, and national sales incentive programs for a leading global spirits supplier, he will be joining PowerPlay Corp as VP of Business Development, reporting to Jay Fox, President and CEO. We welcome Mike and his "get it done" attitude to help bring a renewed emphasis on employee engagement, rewarding performance, and cutting-edge technology to our distributor and supplier partners.

Mike is a graduate of University of Kansas and has enjoyed many years of business travel around the world. Now living on the West Coast after residing in Texas, Kansas, Missouri, and Florida, Mike spends his free time sailing with family and friends or tinkering in his garage workshop.

Frank Newnam
Our Team

Frank Newnam- Senior Vice President of Sales

Frank Newnam has been associated with the marketing, incentives, and hospitality industry for over 30 years. He has experience with companies in the automotive, electronics, entertainment, cruise, and commercial technologies business. Frank has developed incentive and retention programs as well as large-scale meetings that included travel logistics and production. Working with the experienced team at PowerPlay, he will be working to develop new business opportunities and products and continue to develop a responsive and consultative team.

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a foundation to build on

Mission: To be the most impactful meeting, incentive and event solutions provider in the world.


Our Goals:
Increase your employees’ satisfaction, loyalty and productivity.
Increase your customers’ satisfaction and loyalty.
Increase your company’s revenue and profitability.


Our Values:

GRATITUDE – Be thankful for your talents, experiences and relationships.
WISDOM – Be open to listening and learning.
CARE – Care deeply and passionately about yourself, those you encounter and the work you do.
COURAGE – Have the strength to be bold and move beyond your comfort zone.
GRIT – Have true conviction to push through hurdles to achieve the desired outcome.
CELEBRATION – Take in the moment! Recognize and celebrate victories!

Do it with passion or not at all.

rosa nouchette carey


PowerPlay will partner with you in a highly collaborative way to design optimum, inspirational business improvement solutions. Our programs change behavior and provide analytics and metrics with defined ROI. We are partner driven and passionate about delivering seamless execution without compromise surrounding:

  • Internal & Distributor/ Broker Sales Performance
  • Employee Recognition & Engagement
  • Wholesaler/Retail Customer Development
  • Experiential and Spectator Events
  • Corporate Events

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