Travel awards proven to deliver the experience of a lifetime.

With over 21 years of experience and an impeccable reputation for delivering on-target results, PowerPlay has planned group and individual travel programs on five continents.

Travel incentives & Events

Group travel awards

Energize employees, engage customers and inspire teams with our group travel incentives, which have been a consistently proven element of long-term reward and recognition strategies. With well-renowned destinations and properties, our programs are designed to deliver on your business goals.

Many destinations have an abundance of unique offerings, including culture, landscapes, leisure activities, and spectacular golf resorts or tropical getaways, which offer substantial motivational appeal. Participants in our group travel programs enjoy extraordinary memories, exclusive experiences and incredible discoveries, all through personalized itineraries that fit their individual needs. Browse through our blog to see some of the incredible properties that were chosen by clients who have all had the remarkable success you’re seeking.

individual travel awards

Individual travel offers flexibility and numerous options. Participants can go where they want and with whom they want! These packages provide great value when paired with the correct strategy in achieving your organization’s objectives.

spectator and experiential events

Sporting event experiences that move you to your very core.

Nothing can fully prepare you for the earth-shaking, crowd-roaring, awe-inspiring beauty of an iconic event. But we’ll try.

Ideal for recognition awards, customer rapport, and loyalty programs. Whether you’re looking for individual or small group experiences, you’ll have access to the most exhilarating sporting events in the world—National College Football Championship, the Super Bowl, College Basketball’s Final Four, the Masters Golf Tournament, the Kentucky Derby, the US Open Tennis Championships, the World Series and more.

Transformational travel: Near or far, there’s always inspiration waiting to be discovered.

There’s a good chance you hadn’t heard of “transformational travel” until now. Our transformative travel programs offer mindful experiences, handcrafted by passionate and seasoned experts. These programs feature customized journeys, adventure travel, wildlife explorations and retreats that connect travelers to their purpose. Whether you are looking to connect, create, contribute or celebrate, PowerPlay will design the ideal transformational experience that will help participants explore what they want to get out of life.

The incentive trip programs are top notch and the customer service is best in class. The premium trips and customer service help us generate excitement.”

12-year customer, 2020 customer satisfaction survey

award selection and fulfillment

PowerPlay Strategies Senior Special Event & Incentive Managers work with each client to deliver exceptional experiences, from creating the perfect incentive program and awards structure to post-event close-out. We offer and implement destination and venue selections for all events and getaways, including:

  • Vendor Sourcing & Management
  • Contract Negotiation
  • Online Registration Design & Management
  • Airfare Coordination
  • Full On-Site Support
  • Creative Themed Events
  • Catering & Menu Selection
  • Ground Transportation
  • Entertainment & Audio/Visual
  • Attendee Management
  • Product Logistics
  • Budget Management
  • Post-Event Survey & Feedback Reporting

We’ve earned a reputation as a best-in-class company for travel awards. Let us show you why.

Collaboration is critical in customizing a travel incentive that aligns with your culture. We will navigate every detail to ensure a life-changing trip.

PowerPlay will partner with you in a highly collaborative way to design optimum, inspirational business improvement solutions. Our programs change behavior and provide analytics and metrics with defined ROI. We are partner driven and passionate about delivering seamless execution without compromise surrounding:

  • Internal & Distributor/ Broker Sales Performance
  • Employee Recognition & Engagement
  • Wholesaler/Retail Customer Development
  • Experiential and Spectator Events
  • Corporate Events

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