Some say the journey to achieving a goal is the reward. We think otherwise.

The power of any organization rests with its people and their drive to be a part of its success. That’s how we see it, and that’s our purpose.

A culture of positive reinforcement and rewards drives business success.

There’s a purpose in designing incentive and recognition programs. A purpose that motivates employees and inspires performance that delivers results. We create that purpose with your company’s results in mind.

merchandise rewards

Merchandise awards programs have become increasingly popular because of their ability to reach a wide-scale audience with ease of execution. These programs offer high-impact incentives and long-lasting value and serve as a constant reminder to an employee of the company’s appreciation and their personal exemplary performance.

We offer a number of different rewards program strategies in a variety of price ranges.

  • Over 100,000 award items
  • Gift & Debit Cards
  • Certificates for Dining, Retail & Travel
  • High-End Luxury Electronics
  • Home Furnishings & Accessories
  • Employee-Appreciation Gifts
  • Boats & Outdoor Recreational

“They always take care of all of our needs before, during, and after any incentive very quickly, no matter day or time. Very easy to work with. Love doing business with PowerPlay!” 

Current Customer, 2020 Customer Satisfaction Survey

Employee Recognition Programs

Fact is, organizations that actively improve employee engagement financially outperform their competitors. For employees to be engaged and achieve your organization’s goals, they must be recognized and valued for their contributions. Recognizing behavior that positively affects performance will drive your success. It will also create a stronger commitment that supports the core values of your company while creating value for your customers.

By using the following tools, you will see increased motivation and productivity, which will result in growth and profit for your company.

  • Manager-to-Employee Recognition
  • Peer-to-Peer Recognition
  • Social Recognition
  • Mobile Recognition
  • Service Anniversary Awards
  • Employee Training
  • Thought Leadership
  • Custom Reporting & Analytics
  • Global Reward Fulfillment

Sales and Distribution Programs

Our value-based incentive programs help our clients increase sales, achieve channel goals, and overall business objectives.

Each sales force and distribution channel is different, so we offer a variety of incentives that will best fit your needs, appeal to participants and enhance a performance-driven culture:

  • Group & Individual Travel Awards
  • Sporting Event
  • Merchandise Incentives
  • Recognition Awards & Events
  • Dealer Loader Incentives
  • Database Analytics
  • Print & Electronic Communications
  • Mobile Engagement
  • Incentive Gift Cards for Dining, Retail or Travel


PowerPlay will partner with you in a highly collaborative way to design optimum, inspirational business improvement solutions. Our programs change behavior and provide analytics and metrics with defined ROI. We are partner driven and passionate about delivering seamless execution without compromise surrounding:

  • Internal & Distributor/ Broker Sales Performance
  • Employee Recognition & Engagement
  • Wholesaler/Retail Customer Development
  • Experiential and Spectator Events
  • Corporate Events

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